Find something you love, and go after it, with all of your heart.
— Jim Abbott

Jim Abbott

Motivational Speaker
Professional Baseball Player

There are no words to describe the impact Jim had on my business, he was nothing short of phenomenal. Jim spoke for breakfast, lunch and dinner seminars. His story touched everyone in the room with standing room only in some instances.

Many of the advisors expressed to me that Jim was the best speaker they have ever seen, some admitted to shedding a tear or two.

People laughed as they enjoyed every story Jim told and you could tell most people didn't want it to end. Jim was gracious enough to sign and personalize baseballs and have conversations with the attendees until everyone was satisfied. I am still getting phone calls telling me how inspiring Jim was. I have seen Jim speak now 4 times and the story only gets better. I hope to have Jim back again in the future as well as my company is looking to use Jim at future venues. Also, several advisors approached me to ask if they could get Jim to speak at their engagements. As for me and my colleagues, Jim made it nothing short of a special day that none of us will ever forget.

Anthony Antorino
Regional Vice President, Prudential
Long Island & Westchester NY

Jim Abbott is awesome. You could hear a pin drop during his speech. Frankly, I am not a baseball fan, don't really know that much about it, but it really didn't make any difference. His speech - to me - had little to do with baseball although the stories he wrapped around his words did. We laughed, and many of us (me especially) cried as he wove his touching story of his life and experiences overcoming his handicap. He is charming, very receptive to our guests, and he was willing to take the time to go to our luncheon, pose for pictures, and answer questions from anyone who asked. I now know more about human behavior since I've met and heard Jim Abbott. It was a great experience.

Miriam Eaton
Event Planner, Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.

Jim was definitely the star of our annual supplier event. People were charmed by his demeanor and presentation style and they were truly moved by his message. The feedback we got from attendees about how Jim's message affected them was phenomenal. We try to top ourselves every year in terms of our programming for this event - but I really don't know how we are going to be able to top Jim. We may just have to bring him back!

John Fredette
Senior Manager, Supplier Management Group, Lucent Technologies
Lucent Technologies

Jim Abbott was a great speaker with a fantastic, fascinating and inspirational story to tell. He was funny, engaging and an inspiration, and he kept the group's attention through the entire presentation and question-and-answer session. Many in our group enjoyed Jim as much as our presentation by John Wooden. Thank you for making our convention one that we will remember for a long time.

Randy Fritchie
President, Fosters Freeze
Fosters Freeze

Jim was absolutely fabulous. Everyone loved him. His presentation was a perfect start to our meetings. It really pumped everyone up. Everyone is still talking about how great it was to have him here. They were really impressed. When Jim spoke, you could hear a pin drop in the room because everyone was 100% focused on what he had to say and he has a great message that is appropriate for anyone to hear.

Erin McCarthy
Director of Marketing, LASON, Inc.

Jim, I've been producing events like these for over 20 years. In that period of time I have NEVER experienced the deafening silence in a crowd that large, all of whom had their minds, hearts and souls transfixed on your speech. You touched the hearts of each and every person on the Civic Center, and your message of adaptability, determination and trust is now embossed on the spirits of hundreds of community leaders. The e-mails and voicemails filled with kudos and praise have been unending since the meeting this morning. You’re going to be a VERY tough act to follow.

Deke Rothacker
Vice President of Marketing, United Way, Poughkeepsie, NY
United Way

Jim was fantastic! The audience loved him.

Rocco Donnino
VP of Sales, Sybari Software Direct
Sybari Software Direct

It is a pleasure to work with such a famous athlete who delivers such a relevant and motivational message. Jim Abbott represents the kind of role model we would like to see in all of our professional athletes.

George Klaus
Chairman, President and CEO of Epicor Software
EPICOR Software

Jim was well received by all who attended the banquet. Despite the trying time getting to Greenville and having to sleep in the airport, he remained very pleasant and easy going. I am so glad Jim Abbott decided to come to Greenville and be our motivational speaker. WOW! We have heard nothing but positive comments. I don't know how late Jim stayed after the banquet, but he signed numerous baseballs and programs for all who wanted his signature at no extra charge. He really is quite incredible.

Rita Leggett
Eastern Carolina Vocational Center

Jim was very well received. EVERYONE just adored him. His talk was great and the feedback on the conference evaluations concurred that people enjoyed him. We would invite him back anytime to speak! The way he presents the ADAPT concept is a great way to motivate with information.

Shannon Trierweiler
Wyoming Associations for Persons in Supported Employment (WYAPSE)

He was wonderful - everyone said how great he was - our top people were so impressed. He gave inspiring words, not trying to be funny at every other remark, instead humorous throughout. He kept their attention and charmed everyone. We loved the reports from our attendees.

Tony Filippis Sr.
Athletes with Disabilities Hall of Fame

Jim was one of our best speakers. His message was upbeat and well delivered. We enjoyed him very much. We would have him back!

Deborah Ridolfi
Johnson & Wales University
Johnson & Wales University

Jim has also keynoted events for State Farm Insurance, the Anaheim Angels, Sony Music - Epic Records, and The Miracle League.